UrleBird- The ultimate solution to watch Tiktok Videos


Smart phones these days becomes more essential part of human life, these phones are not only meant to communicate but also to get updated about the world of social media too. These smart phones are companions of the user and the user can access it to check his social media accounts, news feeds or videos, photos of other users. There are some users who are limited to accessing their social media accounts and many apps are available there to help them. Tiktok is one of the most used social media account which is meant for watching videos or other live feeds. Though Tiktok is banned by several nation like India due to their safety or security reasons, Users there found it difficult to use. URLEBIRD here is an excellent option for users to access Tiktok designed explicitly for TikTok. It gives access to the users to watch Tiktok videos without disclosing their identities.

UrleBird is an online streaming platform where one can stream videos of Tik-Tok. On this platform the user can watch any trending videos to live broadcast feeds or the latest news of your favorites including celebrities, social media influencers and content creators.Tiktok is quite famous among the new generation who have a appetite for creating something unique and show it to world.

In this article we are going to explore about Urlebird app, Uses, Safety and Security Features, Its legal and technical aspects followed by some FAQs.

UrleBird- The App-

Urlebird is a app that let you stream TikTok videos on your device and is a great way to catch up what you missed during your busy schedule or to entertain yourself in free time. Urlebird is either accessed through the web browser or by downloading it through app store.The users though prefer browsing to access it due to faster speed and easyaccessibility to watch multiple videos simultaneously and more conveniently.

Features of The App UrleBird-

Though Urlebird is easily accessible on a stable network, it comes with several interesting features like comment, share on the videos or to save these to stream later.
Urlebird the app has many features which makes User access it more conveniently as It allows User to add comment on the videos, save the videos to watch these later or to share the video to his friends or community. If One is looking forward to entertain himself during free time, this app is worth checking out.

The primary features of Urlebird are-

It allows Users to access all the information related to TikTok application without any registration or authorization process and gives you a detailed coverage of TikTok content and complete analytics of its users.

Urlebird allows Users to download tiktok videos without watermark or other popular sites like youtube. The user can also edit the downloaded videos contents for his convenience.

How does Urlebird works?

Urlebird is a online streaming platform allowing Users to access tiktok videos without leaving the app. This app has easy interface compatible on Android or iOS enabled devices.

One the User opens it, The Page shows list of recent videos and the user can scroll these to watch his favorite videos just by tapping on it. If the User wishes to watch the video later, He can save it by simply clicking on the saved button option on the top left corner of the screen.
If the user has multiple devices registered to his account, he can open it on any device without logging again.
The app also comes with Voice command feature, so the user can control playback without touching the device. Overall it is an easy to use app that allows user to access their favorite Tiktok videos more conveniently without leaving the app.

The Interface of UrleBird

How to use Urlebird?

If you are willing to stream Tiktok without disclosing your identity, Urlebird is the ultimate solution for you.
To use it….
You have to download it form app store like Google play or I Cloud. Once it is downloaded, You have to open it to sign in and after that you can stream the videos or live feeds.
To watch a video, tap on the video and select the option Open in Urle Bird.
Once the video starts playing, you can control the feeds by dragging the paly head around and press the X button in the bottom right corner if you want to stop the video.

Advantages and disadvantages of UrleBird-

Urlebird is a free of cost app that allows Users to watch Tiktok Videos on any android or iOS devices though it comes with both advantages and disadvantages that needed to be checked before downloading it.


  • Free to use
  • Allows User to watch videos favorite videos without leaving his website or app.
  • The Videos streamed are ad free, so there is no interruption.


  • Not compatible to all devices except androids and iOS.
  • Some videos are not compatible to stream easily thus taking few more seconds to start playing.

Tips to Use Urlebird-

If you are curious to access UrleBird, You should often considering some points-

  • First ensure sign-in.
  • Ensure the availability of the video you wish to watch because some of the videos are not compatible to stream conveniently.
  • If you are using a I-pad or I-phone,make sure that the battery of these devices are at their full capacity as the videos stream may drains the battery more faster.
  • This app is not ad free though, some ads may appear during the streaming.

Urlebird- About Security and Safety-

  • Urlebird is developed by experts in mobile security, allowing Users to protect their privacy and security while using TikTok.
  • The app uses a company system vulnerability to access the user’s account and there might be a risk of leaking of personal information of the User. The team that developed the Urlebird thought that tikTok may have fix the issue of this vulnerability but they could not do so.
  • As of now the team is working with Law enforcement officials to investigate the data leaks and to secure the user’s data to protect their privacy.
  • Urlebird faces some criticism for its security features like data leaks including phone numbers, email addresses and locations of the users and hacking too.
  • Users will be recommended to use the app on their own risks though.

Urlebird Legal aspects-

  • Talking about the legal aspect of Urlebird,this app is legal and has been approved by the App store however content available on the app is matter of concern to some of its users.
  • The app has collection of different videos and Vlogs and also categories like kids,fashion,food, downloaded by more than 1 million users and received mostly positive feedbacks overall.
  • It has some inappropriate contains as well which must be restricted to kids.
  • If we prefer Apple store guidelines, this app is categorized under Entertainment section and legal for users to download.

Alternatives of UrleBird-

There are number of alternatives of Urlebird, some of them are paid and some are free of cost.
Some famous alternatives are listed below-

Brand 24- This platform is not an analytical tool but can be explored through watching.
Trendtok analytics and tracker- this is one of the best platforms for forecasting, tracking and identifying new trends.
Iconsquare – Well known for Social media analytics and is as good as Urlebird.
Popsters – One can compare and evaluate videos on this platform.
Social insider – this analytical platform is one of the most powerful marketing tool for the influencers.
Quintly – a great tool for both TikTok and Facebook
Exolyt – a great tool for Tiktok and Instagram.
Hype Auditor – very similar to UrleBird.
Analisa.io – Newly launched, features are yet to be explored.

Frequently Asked Questions-

What is UrleBird?
Urlebird is an app to stream or watch Tiktok Videos online. The User can watch or download the tiktok videos through this platform. Users can also save the videos to watch or upload the videos later without any permission.

How Do I stop Tiktok from tracking me?
This is the question asked by number of users using Urlebird but the team don’t have any exact answer but it is recommended to turn off the location of your device to get protected from it.

Which is the parent Company of TikTok?
ByteDance a China based company headquartered in Beijing China has launched TIKTOK and recently FBI stated that TIKTOK compromises national security concerns. Later India has also raised the same concern and banned TiKTOk for security reasons.

How Does Urlebird differ from TikTok?
Urlebird is a platform to watch online Tiktok videos and differs due to its specific features. It allows viewers to view videos with 360 degrees experience and more customization options like adding filters and text effects.


Urlebird an online platform helpful for Tiktok influencers and to the people willing to be a content creators on Tiktok. It allows Users to view and download contents of other users/influencers to enhance their own skills and ideas for uploading their contents. With its excellent User interface, it is very easy to use, and it comes with features like save videos for offline viewing so that one can enjoy watching the videos even when he is not connected to Internet. In the countries like India where Tiktok is banned Urlebird offers users the option to stream and watch tiktok videos without disclosing the User’s identity.